Feb 01

Analyst Skeptical About Imminent Launch for 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Pro’

A rumored 12.9-inch iPad may still have significant development time left, according to an analyst at IHS, a supply chain research firm. According to CNET, IHS analyst Rhoda Alexander said there were a number of different larger panels, that could be potentially for a larger iPad, floating around display manufacturers — but not in volumes necessary for an imminent launch.

“Some manufacturers over the last six months have received sample quantities of a larger panel. They’re playing around with a product that could possibly be an iPad-related product,” she told CNET in a phone interview.

“Various sizes are being reported with 12.85 inches being one of the sizes,” she said.


Mockup of 12.9-inch iPad next to iPad Air and iPad mini

Alexander went on to say that IHS did not see significant shipments of any of the larger panels, and suggested that there may not be a market for iPads larger than the current 9.7-inch model. “We have to get a lot further down the line in terms of seeing really strong indicators from Apple that such a product exists, and we’re just not at that point.”

Samsung launched a 12.2-inch Galaxy tablet earlier this year with some reviewers saying the device was not very portable and awkward to hold for long periods of time.

According to a research report from Evercore analyst Patrick Wang, Apple’s larger iPad may be aimed at the enterprise market. Recent rumors have indicated that the 12.9-inch iPad will launch no earlier than the third quarter of 2014.

Thursday January 30, 2014 4:58 pm PST by Jordan Golson

Feb 01

iPhone 6 Could Feature Solar Charging?

Solar panels could be included in sapphire glass covering

daily apple rumors  300x180 Wednesday Apple Rumors: iPhone 6 Could Feature Solar ChargingSun Powered: The iPhone 6 won’t launch for months, but Apple’s (AAPL) next-generation iPhone is already generating some bizarre rumors. According to an analyst at Seeking Alpha, Apple has been investing in technology that could lead to this year’s iPhone being covered in sapphire glass with tiny solar panels embedded in the covering. The solar panels would help recharge the iPhone’s batteries when exposed to a strong light source. Apple could also feature the technology in a new version of the iPod Touch, though there are persistent rumors that Apple will not launch a next-generation of the iPod line, whose sales have been falling for years. The Seeking Alpha analyst notes that Apple already holds a variety of patents for mobile device solar charging technology and signed an agreement with GT Advanced Technologies to develop sapphire display covers late last year. Recent rumors indicate that Apple will launch an iPhone with a screen larger than 4.5-inches this year. Other rumors suggest that Apple could launch two iPhone 6 models, including one with a screen above 5-inches.

Jan 18

Apple Reportedly Targeting Late Q3 2014 for 12.9-Inch ‘iPad Pro’ Launch

As outlined in our feature highlighting Apple’s possible product plans for 2014, a number of rumors have suggested Apple may be working on a 12.9-inch iPad model that could launch later this year. The company is allegedly accelerating development on this device in response to Samsung’s introduction of two competing 12.2-inch tablet models, with market sources cited by Digitimes claiming that Apple is now prepping the so-called “iPad Pro” for a late Q3 2014 launch at the earliest.


Mockup of 12.9-inch iPad next to iPad Air and iPad mini

The claim that Apple’s timeline is motivated by a perceived need to match Samsung’s recent introductions seems doubtful given that Apple has routinely taken its time coming to market even in the face of competitors rushing to beat Apple to its own rumored products, but at a minimum the claimed launch target offers one more data point for those trying to predict a release. Some sources have predicted a launch as soon as early this year but such a timeline seems very unlikely given the absence of part leaks and other substantiating evidence.

Earlier reports suggested the 12.9-inch iPad Pro could be a hybrid device that would appeal to enterprise customers looking for a machine that bridges the gap between tablet and notebook. Based on display panels currently under development in the supply chain, research firm DisplaySearch believes that the iPad Pro could ship with a 12.9-inch Retina display with a resolution of 2732 x 2048 and 265 ppi.

Besides the iPad Pro, Digitimes‘ sources unsurprisingly also claim Apple is working on new 7.9-inch and 9.7-inch models to replace the current Retina iPad mini and iPad Air. These models will likely debut in Q3 2014, keeping with Apple’s current late fall release schedule for the iPad. Demand for the iPad is expected to be strong again in 2014 with the company selling between 80 and 90 million units over the course of the year.

Feb 16

iPhone 5 Review!

iPhone 5 Review – Is it a Worthy Upgrade? iPhone 5 was announced just a few weeks ago and fell into users hands last Friday. I’ve spent a few days reviewing the iPhone 5 and I will say it feels solid and is noticeably quicker. I used the device as my daily driver, and, for the most part, I like the new iteration of the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, but there are some items I’d like to see resolved. Check out my thoughts on the iPhone 5 in my review below. For the full iPhone 5 review, check out: www.technobuffalo.com For more tech goodness, check us out at: www.technobuffalo.com Follow Us on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like Us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Check Us Out on Google+: tchno.be Inside My Mind: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Feb 15

New iPad Review (HD)

Click to Tweet: clicktotweet.com Twitter: twitter.com Google+: bit.ly Tumblr: logicallyhank.tumblr.com Tags New iPad Review 2012 (HD) Hands-On Apple New 2012 iPad Review. Resolutionary New iPad, The New iPad, iPad 3, iPad 3 Siri, Siri Dictation, Retina Display, 2048 x 1536, Quad-Core Graphics,…

Jun 17

iPhone Smart Case from Waterfield Designs (Review)

The iPhone Smart Case is a carry pouch for the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4. It is essentially a slip case that will accommodate an iPhone for secure protection while in transit. Waterfield has a few options for both a naked iPhone and an iPhone in a slim case. Specifically, Waterfield made the larger cases able to fit with an Apple Bumper, but it looks like most slim third-party cases will also fit. Other options include a flap for attaching to a backpack should strap or a clip for belts or bags. The Smart Case also features an external pocket for storing cards, or accessories like earbuds. The Smart Case is available in Black, Copper, Flame, Green, Pearl and Pine for or , depending on configuration.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

May 30

Free Apple iPhone 4G, Reality or a A Scam? My Honest Review

Free Apple iPhone 4G, Reality or a A Scam? My Honest Review

Free Apple iPhone 4G, Reality or a A Scam? My Honest Review

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Home Page > Arts & Entertainment > Free Apple iPhone 4G, Reality or a A Scam? My Honest Review

Free Apple iPhone 4G, Reality or a A Scam? My Honest Review

Posted: Jun 28, 2010 |Comments: 0


So you’re looking for a free Apple iPhone 4G?

Well let me just tell you straight up that I am not going to be repeating the same crap you find everywhere else on the net… But iѕ іt possible or is it a complete scam? The truth is you really can get a free iPhone 4G, and here is how:
First of all, what do we know about the new iPhone 4G? It has features like video chat, multi-tasking and extreme downloading. A much more powerful processor and graphics chip so it can deliver higher video resolutions and image quality. Removable battery (including better battery life), hi-def camera, hi-def audio, hi-def camcorder, messaging light, oled screen, a sleeker body design and much much more! Becoming one οf thе mοѕt рοрυlаr devices οf 2010, the iPhone 4G, wіth іtѕ fashionable design аnd powerful features, іѕ guaranteed tο carry οn its success within thе years to come.

But now lets get back to the point of this review, how do you get a free Apple iPhone 4G?

Apply now to test and keep the free Apple iPhone 4G, http://digitalreviewcenter.com/go/free-iphone-4 !

If уου wish tο οwn the most sought аftеr device ѕіnсе thе release οf the iPad thеn уου will bе amazed tο find out how уου can ɡеt уουr Apple iPhone 4G absolutely free! We understand that many you are skeptic about offers claiming tο send the newest tech devices such as the Apple iPhone 4G absolutely free to your door step. But yου see, companies Ɩіkе Apple аѕ well аѕ οthеr top electronic manufacturers need regular folks Ɩіkе you аnԁ me tο test thеrе devices аnԁ іn return уου are аbƖе tο keep whatever thеу give уου, totally free οf charge, incredible right? Wіth Apple becoming thіѕ type οf hυɡе company thеу аrе аbƖе tο take a loss of few million dollars in order to get the proper feedback from users making the device better for everyone.

A scam, or legit?

Sadly thеrе аrе lots οf scams on the net thаt need уου tο complete offers and refer individuals until уου build a huge amount οf credit before уου claim уουr free Apple iPhone 4G. Nοt all of these companies аrе scams though, if уου take enough time tο check around іt іѕ possible tο find a few legitimate ones, but I prefer skipping the referring individuals and completing offers part and simply applying tο test the Apple iPhone 4G. And the best part is of course the fact that you ɡеt tο keep іt tο!

My final thoughts…

Here is my personal advice, of course not all of the applications for testing are accepted, but you have nothing to lose and a free Apple iPhone 4G to gain! Plus it only takes a few seconds to apply. This type of application does require basic contact information, this is normal as they will need a way to contact you and to send you your free Apple iPhone 4G. So just click the link bellow and apply for your free Apple iPhone 4G today!

Retrieved from “http://www.articlesbase.com/art-and-entertainment-articles/free-apple-iphone-4g-reality-or-a-a-scam-my-honest-review-2740317.html

(ArticlesBase SC #2740317)

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Henri Powers
About the Author:

So what are you waiting for? Act now to get your free Apple iPhone 4G, http://digitalreviewcenter.com/go/free-iphone-4

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Source:  http://www.articlesbase.com/art-and-entertainment-articles/free-apple-iphone-4g-reality-or-a-a-scam-my-honest-review-2740317.html

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How to automatically Download all HP Drivers for Windows 7

Are you tired of spending 30 minutes with a search engine just to download HP drivers for windows 7? Read more to learn how to get all the latest drivers in just 3 clicks, guaranteed!

Henri Powersl
May 06, 2010

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So what are you waiting for? Act now to get your free Apple iPhone 4G, http://digitalreviewcenter.com/go/free-iphone-4

May 15

iPhone 4 Features: Retina Display (Review)

The Retina display doubles the pixel display for the iPhone screen. The display has been increased to 326 pixels per inch. The previous iPhones offered 160 ppi, and the iPad slightly lower at 132. The added resolution amounts to a 960×640 display, or four times the current iPhone. Interestingly, the iPhone 4 has the 78-percent of the pixels as the much larger iPad. The new display also offers an 800:1 contrast ration, again 4x better, and uses IPS technology like the iPad. Looking for more iPhone 4 videos? Check out my iPhone 4 playlist: www.youtube.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5