Jun 29

HKEvent If you needed any proof that we are indeed living in the 21st century, just take one look at the Magic Cube, .. http://bit.ly/lM43I0

HKEvent If you needed any proof that we are indeed living in the 21st century, just take one look at the Magic Cube, .. http://bit.ly/lM43I0by kuanhankang (kang kuan han)

May 08

First-time mom discovers its magic

First-time mom discovers its magic
Lesley Dale Greenfield has a new reason to celebrate Mother’s Day.
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Samsung Galaxy S2 Phones to Please Phone Lovers
Even though Samsung has been dominating the high-end segment of late with its Samsung Galaxy S, it is going to get a healthy competition in the form of the Apple iPhone 5. The company, though, seems to have taken up to this reality and have introduced the new Samsung Galaxy S II in order to take on the competition. This is the latest version of the Samsung Galaxy S, which is by far the best …
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Review: Five inexpensive iPhone image editors
The App Store is loaded with a number of great third-party apps to help you make the most of your mobile photos. And many of these filters will cost you very little — or nothing at all. Jeff Phillips looks at five free (or nearly free) image editors.
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Apr 23

Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple Magic Trackpad

  • Magic Trackpad gives you a whole new way to control what’s on your Mac desktop computer.
  • Swiping through pages on screen is just like flipping through pages in a magazine.
  • Inertial scrolling senses the momentum in your fingers as you move up and down a page.
  • Nearly 80 percent larger than the built-in trackpad on the MacBook Pro, giving you plenty of room to perform gestures.
  • Magic Trackpad connects to your Mac via Bluetooth wireless technology.

The new Magic Trackpad is the first Multi-Touch trackpad designed to work with your Mac desktop computer. It uses the same Multi-Touch technology you love on the MacBook Pro. And it supports a full set of gestures, giving you a whole new way to control and interact with what’s on your screen. Swiping through pages online feels just like flipping through pages in a book or magazine. And inertial scrolling makes moving up and down a page more natural than ever. Magic Trackpad connects to your Ma

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Apr 23

iPad magic sub:E

★祝!Yahoo! JAPAN Internet Creative Award 2010 グランプリ★ iPad magicの作者が明かす企画術が本になりました。 「企画に年功序列は存在しない ~世界のメディアが注目したiPad magic~」 amzn.to iPad MAGIC Theme: communication of coming generation Hello, my name is Shinya, and I’m a magician. Throughout history, we have been constantly inventing ways to communicate. History of humanity is also a history of communication. One of the oldest ways to communicate known from history… is a smoke signal. After inventing a smoke signal… we came up with characters. Ways of recording characters and communicating to others… is a book. After books, we thought of how to record space… which leads to a photograph. Today, we can communicate through movies and cellphones. Well, what will be the communication of coming generation? Imagine, warping from one place to another. Warping a human being might be a little difficult… but an animal might work. Interested in time traveling? Perhaps you can send your milk in the fridge one month before, so that you don’t have to wait for your cheese. Or even you can send your own x-ray to your doctor. It might become possible to communicate, by peeping through other’s mind. Rather than shopping online, you might be able to try it on on the go. Nice! Moreover, maybe you can withdraw cash without an ATM machine. Excuse me, I’ve got mail. He is my friend Daigo, a great performer. He has appeared a lot on TV recently, so maybe you guys know him. He can

Feb 08

Pinball Magic (app)cessory

Pinball Magic (app)cessory

  • Multiple classic and unique playboard layout
  • Advanced multi-level and multiplayer competition
  • Four possible multi-ball modes
  • End-of-ball and replay bonuses
  • Tilt detection, tilt warning and activation

Work your slap save, backhand, drop stop and bounce pass on this working pinball machine “(app)cessory”! Just like the classic cabinets only smaller, Pinball Magic recreates classic arcade pinball action on your iPhone or iPod touch device. It even has flipper buttons, ball launching plunger and credit/select button. Oscillating LED indicator and animated backbox set the stage to reward your pinball wizard skills! Gameplay elements include: Flippers, active pop bumpers, drop targets, rollover ta

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Price: $ 23.00

Jan 13

Apple Magic Mouse

Apple Magic Mouse

  • Laser technology delivers 20 times the performance of standard optical tracking
  • Miniature sensors detect even the slightest movement
  • Top-shell design matches other Apple products
  • Bluetooth technology and Touch-sensitive technology

It began with iPhone. Then came iPod touch. Then MacBook Pro. Intuitive, smart, dynamic. Multi-Touch technology introduced a remarkably better way to interact with your portable devices – all using gestures. Now we’ve reached another milestone by bringing gestures to the desktop with a mouse that’s unlike anything ever before. It’s called Magic Mouse. It’s the world’s first Multi-Touch mouse. And while it comes standard with every new iMac, you can also add it to any Bluetooth-enabled Mac for a

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Oct 01

PhoneDevil Magic Screen Protector: Matte Clear (anti-glare) edition–for Apple iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS

PhoneDevil Magic Screen Protector: Matte Clear (anti-glare) edition–for Apple iPhone 3G & iPhone 3GS

  • Easy to apply: no cutting required. Does not tear or fold during application
  • The Matte surface texture reduces fingerprints and screen glare, and feels great to touch
  • Bonds firmly to screen; easily removed and re-applied
  • Protects against scratches, and leaves no markings when removed
  • Also available in Crystal Clear, Mirror and Privacy editions

“Trust me, its heartbreaking to find a giant scratch across your brand new iPhone 3GS. I found plenty of different of screen protectors on the market, but PhoneDevil’s Magic Screens are my favorite. They’re easy to apply, require no cutting, and come with a cleaning cloth and a smoothing card to prevent air bubbles.You can pick from four different editions: Crystal Clear, Matte Clear, Mirror, and Privacy.The Mirror Edition gives your screen a mirror effect when the phone is off, and it looks qui

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Price: $ 6.97