What are some good Facebook and iPhone applications?

Question by Anna D: What are some good Facebook and iPhone applications?
I am a girl so what are some good facebook and iPhone applications?I really like games ,but it really doesn’t matter to me!

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Answer by Ahsoka Tano
I really like Shazam on my iPhone. It will listen to a song and give you name of it, the Band and album and a quick link to buy it on iTunes. It doesn’t even need to hear lyrics, just music. It’s pretty amazing in my opinion.

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  1. Hi, right now one of the hottest games in Facebook is Mafia Wars, we can build our own network of friends and control cities, buy properties, its very interesting, i have my mafia family, you can join it, gimme your Facebook Id ill send you a request, or you can add me up your friend, my id is [email protected]

  2. here’s a list of iphone apps that i absolutely love

    facebook app
    now playing (movie times)
    phone flix (netflix queue)
    shazam (song recognition program)
    aurora feint (great free game of matching)
    cube runner (game where you fly around obstacles)
    cameraman (compare two of the same pictures and click the differences)
    touch4 free (connect four)
    marble mash (the big maze where you make the marble get to the end without falling in a hole)
    iTV (tv listings

    PAID (but worth it!)
    fieldrunners (keep the enemies from getting to you base by building guns and turrets and other structures)
    enigmo (strategy game that is very addicting)
    line rider (yes they have it for iphone)
    motochaser (motorcycle racing for 99 cents)
    cro mag racing (flinstones racing car game)

    have fun!

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