Jan 19

iPhone 6: Super-slim Liquidmetal iPhone ‘due in May’

iPhone 6 with wrap-around screen design

Latest reports suggest iPhone 6 will be just 6mm thick thanks to new Liquidmetal frame

LAST UPDATED AT 10:23 ON Thu 16 Jan 2014

THE iPhone 6 could be just 6mm thick – and the latest reports suggest that it will be with us by May at the latest.

Analysts have long predicted that the new phone will have a larger screen, but South Korean website ET News says the handset will also be significantly slimmer. Quoting sources from Chinese companies within Apple’s supply chain, says the new model will be called the iPhone Air.

“To earn the moniker already bestowed upon the top-of-the-line iPad and Mac models, the new iPhone will reportedly measure only 6 millimeters thick,” says Forbes, after translating the [2]South Korean report.

By comparison, the iPhone 5S is 7.6mm thick and the 5C model measures 9mm. The iPhone 3GS, sold until late 2012, measured 12mm – twice as thick as the proposed new model.

Patent applications released this week suggest that some components within the ultra-slim frame will be built from Liquidmetal, which is stronger and more durable than aluminium. The documents, published by MacRumors, suggest that Apple is planning to use the alloy in buttons and switches, which have been a weak point on past models.

Some rumours have suggested that Apple may use Liquidmetal more extensively in the iPhone 6, replacing part or all of the aluminium shell. In theory that would mean the handset could be lighter and slimmer without skimping on strength or build quality, but in practice it seems unlikely.

Although one of the inventors of Liquidmetal predicted two years ago that Liquidmetal cases would be possible by mid-2014, its use has so far been limited to small components.

Analysts disagree about the likely timing of the new iPhone. The International Business Times says that the release date is likely to be “May 2014 or even earlier as fresh data suggests that the iPhone 5S and 5C duo is not winning the battle against the Android and Windows Mobile platforms.

Other analysts have favoured an October release, which would maintain Apple’s established pattern of annual upgrades.

Tech news website BGR acknowledges that an all-new model seems “improbable” in May, just seven months after the debut of the iPhone 5S, but says that reliable sources in the company’s supply chain say the device is definitely on the way.

Widespread speculation suggests that the new phone, whenever it arrives, will have a five-inch screen. The four-inch screen on the current model is small compared with those of many of its rivals.

“Releasing a device with a larger display is an interesting move for Apple because it will be a rare instance where the company will be following rival Samsung, which first sparked the ‘phablet’ craze back in 2012 with its original Galaxy Note,” BGR says, using the term given to phone-tablet hybrids.

“It would be rare to see Apple release a new version of the iPhone so close to the release of its latest iPhone 5s, but maybe the company doesn’t want to wait much longer to put out a device with a larger form factor.”

Sep 18

French: “Tube Station Tv” 3 Internet Tv Softwares and 1 iTunes album

French: “Tube Station Tv” 3 Internet Tv Softwares and 1 iTunes album
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French: “Tube Station Tv” 3 Internet Tv Softwares and 1 iTunes album

May 30

How can I use all my Iphone features like iTunes (not the phone)?

Question by royeastwood85: How can I use all my Iphone features like iTunes (not the phone)?
I just bought an Iphone 2g from somebody but I didn’t come with a sim card and it was formatted and now I want to use it to listen to music and pictures(not to make calls) but when I connect it to iTunes it tells me that I need a sim card and to follow the whole activation process, do I need to get it unlocked first?

Best answer:

Answer by yourmaster7777

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Nov 18

#iphone repair iPhone will not sync?: I purchased a new iPhone however it will not sync into my iTunes. Matter … http://twal.kr/bJPTEd

#iphone repair iPhone will not sync?: I purchased a new iPhone however it will not sync into my iTunes. Matter … http://twal.kr/bJPTEdby revesbyseller (Revesby Seller)

Sep 20

is there a way to get free itunes ringtones without syncing my iphone?

Question by evdims: is there a way to get free itunes ringtones without syncing my iphone?
everytime i try to make a free ringtone using various tutorials, i have to sync my iphone causing everything to delete.

help !
oh & BTW i have the old iphone (2g)

Best answer:

Answer by Joel

just follow the steps in this tutorial . It shows how to get free ringtones for iphones.

ive made all my ringtones this way

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Aug 25

How To Convert Itunes M4V To Dvd Format, Burn Itunes M4V To Dvd

How To Convert Itunes M4V To Dvd Format, Burn Itunes M4V To Dvd

If you are looking for a way to convert video purchased from itunes Music store to DVD format and burn itunes Video, Movie, TV shows to DVD that would play in a regular DVD player, huge screen TV or just for backup. this iTunes to DVD tutorial may give you some direction

It includeds two parts
1.How to Convert iTunes Video to DVD formats
2.How to burn iTunes library(Movie, Video, TV Shows, cartoon) to DVD

Part 1. Convert iTunes Video to DVD

Everyone Knows That iTunes downloaded video files have DRM protection which prevent users from converting it to other formats, so we need special DRM Remover to remove iTunes DRM Protection first

What we need is Daniusoft Media Converter Pro, it’s a powerful DRM converter which can remove DRM protection legally and convert other video & music(unprotected video included) even HD video in high quality. and here is the main technical parameter of Daniusoft Media Converter Pro

DRM audio and DRM video: WMA/WMV/M4A/M4B/M4P/M4V/ASF…

Common video and video formats: AVI, MP4, MPG, MPEG, 3GP, RM, RMVB, DAT, MOV, FLV, VOB, MP3, WAV, WMA, MKV, AC3, AAC, OGG, APE, etc

High-definition video: M2TS, TP, TRP, TS, AVI

You can free download it here

Step 1.install and run Daniusoft Media Converter Pro, click”Add” to import itunes download Video, Movie, or TV shows

Step 2.Choose “DVD-Video format – NTSL(*.VOB)” as output video formats, you also can click “Settings” button to custom preference for output files.

Step 3.Start remove drm and convert itunes protected video by click “Start”.


Part 2. Burn iTunes library to DVD with nero
After you remove DRM from iTunes Protected files and convert itunes Video to DVD formats, install nero on your computer(I am using nero, no matter what DVD buring software you are using, just make sure your DVD Drive has DVD+RW or DVD-RW symbol to burn DVD)

Step 1. Run Nero. go to “make your own DVD-video”

Step 2. Now select the option “add video file” on the right hand control panel to add your iTunes video

Step 3. You can merge some similar videos into one slideshow. Click the “Merge Titles” on the left bottom to merge the files. You can edit the slideshow by double click the video, There are some video transition effects you can use to make your videos lively

Step 4. Now click “export” on the bottom panel, a new window will pop up, where you can choose the output file path.

Step 5. click the “next” to enter the DVD set up, where you can customize the DVD menu.

Step 6. click “next” when your done, now you can preview your movie and menu screen functions.

Step 7. Go on to click “next” to burning set up, here you can adjust your burning speed, then hit “burn” to begin to burn itunes video to DVD, sit back and wait. approx. time 15-30 minutes, depending on your writing speed.

Aug 25

How To Transfer Itunes M4P And Itunes Plus To Psp 3000

How To Transfer Itunes M4P And Itunes Plus To Psp 3000

Apart from a great game player, the PSP-3000 is also a very good entertainment device which can be used for playing music. Suppose you’ve purchased a lot of songs from iTunes Store and are trying to figure out how to transfer them to your PSP-3000. You copy and paste the songs to the PSP music folder, however, the PSP doesn’t recognize them as music at all. What’s wrong? This article comes to the rescue! It is composed of the following parts:

Part 1. How to put iTunes DRM music to PSP-3000

As we know, the majority of music from iTunes Store goes DRM free (iTunes Plus). However, as long as you are not a new iTunes user, you are likely to have in your iTunes Library some songs which are DRM protected. You have to pay 30 cents per songs in order to upgrade them to DRM free. It’s simple mathematics. For 500 songs to upgrade to DRM free, you need to pay USD150 = 500 X 0.3.

To save money, the easiest way is to burn the music to an “Audio CD” and then rip it back to Windows Media Player or a similar program as MP3 music.

Or you can turn to some software for help. I always use TuneClone M4P Converter to help me convert iTunes music to MP3, ready to transfer to my new PSP-3000. The steps are quite simple:

1. Download and install TuneClone M4P Converter.
2. In TuneClone, click the “Settings” button and choose “MP3” as the output format.
3. In iTunes, create a new playlist and add to it the iTunes music you are going to put onto your PSP.
4. Click “Burn Disc” button. In the pop-up dialog of “Burn Settings”, select TuneClone virtual CD drive as the “CD Burner”, choose “Audio CD” from the “Disc Format” checkboxes and tick “Include CD Text” option (to preserve music metadata).
5. Start burning.

Part 2. How to put iTunes DRM free (iTunes Plus) music to PSP-3000

To put iTunes Plus music to your PSP-3000, launch your iTunes and then:

1. Click on “Edit -> Preferences…”. From the “General” tab click on “Import Settings…” button.
2. Change the “Import Using” drop down box to “MP3 Encoder”.
3. From the “Settings” drop down box select “Custom…” and choose a “Stereo Bit Rate” of “256Kbps”.
4. Click “OK”, “OK” and “OK”.
5. Now find a file that you want to convert, right-click on it and select “Create MP3 Version” and an MP3 copy will be created.

Note: If you want to skip the trouble of converting AAC music to MP3 one by one, you can still use TuneClone M4P Converter to help you transfer the iTunes Plus music to your PSP-3000. If you have both iTunes DRM music and iTunes Plus music in your Library, it is recommended that you get TuneClone to batch convert the music for your PSP.

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Aug 25

itunes 7

itunes 7
Image by Rodrigo Vera
el nuevo itunes 7 con coverflow incorporado, lo que te permite navegar tu musica por carátulas. Cambió algo la interfaz, esta todo como mas despejado, me cuesta un poco acostumbrarme a los iconos mas despejados de la izquierda aun…ahora todo vira al azul, hasta su icono, chao con el verde…