Feb 05

What’s the difference between the iphone 4s and the iphone 5?

Question by Katy: What’s the difference between the iphone 4s and the iphone 5?
Would it be worth it to spend the extra money on the iphone 5? Or should I just get the iphone 4s because it is pretty sweet and if they’re not that different then I don’t want to waste my money.

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Answer by Haris
I wouldn’t spend on any of them. People say that Apple and Samsung are using each others materials.

Get an Android cause its way batter and have alot more to offer.

I would suggest the xperia series by sony
If not then definitely the latest HTC

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Nov 15

What’s your idea about useable software for upcoming iPhone 5?

Question by Sharon Moore: What’s your idea about useable software for upcoming iPhone 5?
I got the information that iPhone 5 is upcoming in September and I am planning to get one. To prepare in advance, I’m looking for the software compatible with iPhone 5 so that I could enjoy the entertainment from iPhone 5 more conveniently.

What is your idea? The more, the better. Thanks!

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Answer by Huhoo
There are plenty apps for iOS out there and here …


cheers …

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Oct 29

What’s the difference between an otterbox iphone 3GS defender case and an otterbox iphone 3GS commuter case?

Question by Avery S: What’s the difference between an otterbox iphone 3GS defender case and an otterbox iphone 3GS commuter case?
I’m getting an iphone 3GS but the last phone i have fell on the ground all the time. So to prevent from breaking my iphone when i get it I wanna get an iphone case that you can drop, through at something hard & it doesn’t break the iphone. What’s the difference & the pros and cons?

Best answer:

Answer by grendalen
The Defender cases are built like a tank. They completely cover your phone except for the speakers and mic and also come with a belt clip, but I find them to be incredibly bulky. The Commuter case should be just fine for most people and will take a pretty decent beating.

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Aug 27

What’s on My iPhone: Favorite Apps

Squarespace: goo.gl *Coupon Code: soldier7 Get my iPhone App: goo.gl FaceBook Fan Page: goo.gl New Gaming Channel: youtube.com Twitter: twitter.com Website: soldierknowsbest.com In this episode, I show you some of my favorite apps on my iPhone. I cover the Google+, Comic Book, Stickman BMX, Time Machine, and Zombie Gunship apps.
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Dec 18

What’s the difference between the ipad and the ipod touch?

Question by chives: What’s the difference between the ipad and the ipod touch?
Other than the larger size in the ipad, the reading feature, the keyboard docking and camera connecting feature, the 3G, and the microphone, are there any other benefits of the ipad over the ipod touch. Also, how much is the monthly fee for the 3G network on the ipad?

Best answer:

Answer by Max
Nope, although the bookstore app has potential for online textbooks. And for 3g… i’d have to guess around 10-20 bucks a month?

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Aug 25

IPhone Applications – Whats The Buzz Around?

IPhone Applications – Whats The Buzz Around?

Apple has once again demonstrated its precedence for creativity and innovation by launching next generation mobile Phone, the IPhone. Mobile phones once considered luxury have become an integral part of our daily life. Smart phones like Black Berry, IPhone, and Android intend to take mobile phone to next level by positioning them barely as communication device but as portable computing devices. No wonder the change is coupled with advancements and adaption of wireless internet technology. However, the impact of this innovation has transformed our daily lifestyle. No longer we use mobile phones for only staying connected, but we also use it for more trivial tasks including searching web, regularly checking emails, internet messaging, and conducting business transformation. This now allows people to be more connected to their work-life, businesses and the “world”.

The shift to portable computing device has provided an opportunity for enhancing productivity and reliability of businesses. For widespread usage, Apple recently launched App Store, building a marketplace for IPhone native application. As of today, numerous applications are available over Apple store in various categories including business, productivity, sports, games, etc. Though, numerous smart phones existed before: however IPhone touch concept and creative browser simply enhanced the experience resulting in mass adaption to concept.

IPhone applications are not only useful for enhancing personal productivity, but also have widespread usage in business automation application. Let me share few applications that can help enhance sales force automation. We understand various giants like Siebel, http://SalesForce.com, Sugar CRM are providing sales force automation solution etc. Still, IPhone based CRM solution are gaining mass appeal for its ability to further assist sales force in recording sales activity sheet at spot. Instant recording assists in increasing accuracy of reporting, and provide more updated sales view to management. Not only, this will provide quick information for sales managers, but also help sales managers do complex sales territory analysis utilizing GPS based feature. The GPS based sales automation system will not only help in making optimized sales territory allocation, but also more acceptable incentive based pay system. Long story cut short, IPhone present a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs. The opportunities exist for enhancing personal productivity by building applications for track shipments, manage personal finance, manage shopping list, arrange to-do, take personal notes and interact with friends near by.

IPhone applications can be served using standard web-interface or native application. Native application provides more control allowing features including offline access, GPS feature, Accelerometer and access to SQL-lite. Native application can be downloaded from Apple Store. Apple store hosts free as well as paid applications. To evaluate consumer preferences it would be helpful to review few top rated applications. iBowl is most famous IPhone application at apple store, available free of cost to download. The application simulates the bowling experience using accelerometer technology. User can swing the IPhone as a ball, and click on throw button, pushing the ball with the force of the swing. Though the application only measures force and does not take angle into consideration, but still its most highly rated application. The application is not only famous amongst youngsters but also amongst adults. No wonder, the application has just opened a whole new set of opportunities for innovative games, measuring hand gestures.

As opposed to native applications, browser based applications are usual HTML pages optimized for small screens. A large number of web pages are optimized for IPhone. Recently many social networking applications have been optimized for IPhone, including facebook. Facebook application is available both as native as well as HTML version. IPhone , web based interface, is optimized for small screen device like IPhone. The application heavily use custom animations i.e. page moving flying from right to left. The safari browser within IPhone does provide very good Ajax support and custom components.

Despite the global economic recession significant investments are made to transforming applications to Smart phones mainly IPhone. A definite analogy can be made to early transformation of desktop based applications to Web in late 90’s. Analyst feels that, similar to past trend, in late 2000′ all web applications are transformed for Mobile. The transformation has great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs as simple IPhone application can be developed for only 10K US $, with a significant expected return on investment.

Apparently simple looking IPhone applications require sophisticated process to ensure maximum success. In a highly competitive growing market, the success of any application heavily relies on idea. We suggest that due efforts should be put in evaluating idea by doing quick environment scan, competitive analysis and understanding customer needs. Once satisfied, the next step is to build requirement specification / user interface design. You must hire a user experience developer, familiar with IPhone development guidelines, to build design. The user interface will assist investors, innovators, and potential customers visualize product and provide early feedback. Then you should hire IPhone Application developer, who can build IPhone application faster, better and obviously cheaper for you. There are many companies which specialize in building IPhone applications. Please ensure to find register for Apple developer license for 99 US $, as it shall ensure in tracking payments and ensuring intellectual copyrights.

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