Aug 25

Apple Sues Google-Phone Maker Htc For Stealing There Iphone Technology

Apple Sues Google-Phone Maker Htc For Stealing There Iphone Technology

Apple Sues Google-Phone Maker HTC for Stealing There iPhone Technology

Apple filed a lawsuit today against mobile devices maker HTC. The suit claims infringement of 20 patents related to there iPhone’s user interface, underlying architecture, and hardware.


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In the release, Steve Jobs says, “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about it. We’ve decided to do something about it…We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”



Taiwan-based HTC was the first company to manufacture a cell phone based on Google’s Android operating system, which has emerged as a top competitor to the apple iPhone, AP reports. HTC is also making the Nexus One smart phone that Google is selling right to consumers.


Looks like the Nexus One, and other HTC phones, got to close for comfort for  apples Steve Jobs.


Earlier, we thought  that Apple’s multi-touch user interface could be the reason for the suit. But after looking at the complaint, it seams  that Apple is NOT suing over multitouch, but rather a lot of other softwareTechnology. (When Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone, he touted its multitouch screen, then said, “And boy, have we patented it.”)


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Also, Apple is  tied up in another patent lawsuit with Nokia, saying Nokia is stealing Apple technology to. Nokia says Apple is stealing its technology. Kodak is also suing Apple claiming technology theft.

 Apple’s patent lawyers are going to be busy for a very very long time!!

Aug 25

Discovering the Amazement of Iphone Technology

Discovering the Amazement of Iphone Technology

In order to discover the wonders of iPhone technology, one must sink into its different parts and features, although in this edition, there are top 5 iPhone facts that one must be aware of, from the release to the different applications it supports. Some might find it to be an advantage and some, a disadvantage.

Either way, good or bad, here are some of the facts you need to know.

Supports video generating websites

Mobile phones were considered as a means of communication in the past times. Text messaging was then the single most important use of a cell phone and was one of the main features of mobile manufacturers. Today, the youth seem to convey the importance of having a mobile phone which can browse and even stream music videos and movies from their source.

On the other hand, while some are very well satisfied with the performance of the device in terms of surfing through the net and checking out important e-mails, others are still unconvinced on the matters of its connectivity edge via Wi-Fi because of the precaution that access will not be as smooth as expected.

Supports iTunes

Apple has accomplished this very vital part of human’s melodic life. Many people purchasing the phone had the sole reason of having one because of the musical features. Other phone manufacturers have tried putting up a model that will sufficiently feature downloading songs the easy way. There are a lot of struggles done in order to put up with the idea of organizing a multimedia management through phones basing from multimedia order. Technically, iPhone has successfully done its part in managing this kind of predicament and has filled up files with top rating contents of the multimedia field.

Interface based on the user

Mac OS X is a kind of user interface which is primarily featured by Apple. Although, it has been easier for competitors to replicate the idea. Apple has decided not to open to developers belonging from a third party. The downfall of those who replicates the idea of having user interface is that it becomes a hassle instead of an advantage because of slow loading and sometimes, it never gets to the loading part at all.

Screen display

The display is always considered as Apple’s pride. The phone’s display is about 3.5 inches with a 320 x 480 pixels display. The touch screen feature made it impossible for other competitors to beat Apple from the point of view of market value and capability of mobile phones. Upgrading surface display to a high quality optical glass from plastic is one of the major factors why the device has become more scratch-proof. The more reason why people love it compared to other devices.

Release reviews

There are many complaints regarding the release of the device. Although, this didn’t stop the manufacturer to introduce it to the technological world. It has a retail price of 9 that is tagged for the 4 GB storage and 9 for the 8 GB storage. The contract was signed for AT&T for two years. Compared to other phones that has already been released and made ground breaking moments through the communication world, the price tag was quite reasonable and has proven its worth.

It has become record-breaking that Apple reached its mark and was well-appreciated by advocates around the world.

More iPhone’s information and tips are available at iPhone Makes Sense site.

Check out iPhone Makes Sense site for more information and tips about iPhones.

Aug 25

What type of touchpad technology does the iPhone use?

Question by MM: What type of touchpad technology does the iPhone use?

this reference lists many – but which does the iPhone use?

I think it may be capacitance? I don’t know –


Best answer:

Answer by CFC
Most likely its capacitive.

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Aug 25

Will the iPhone 4 use push email technology?

Question by Cip.dV: Will the iPhone 4 use push email technology?
I’m acquiring a new cell phone and saw that the new iPhone will be coming out soon. I was told that the current iPhone 3GS does not use push technology to receive email (it automatically updates every 15 minutes) whereas the Blackberry automatically notifies you INSTANTLY when a new email is received.

Does anyone know if the new iPhone 4 will use this push technology to receive instant email like the Blackberry?

Best answer:

Answer by Tallest Skil
Both. All iPhones support PUSH and IMAP. PUSH is NOT instant. IMAP is instant.

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Aug 25

Could the original iPhone be classed as 3G technology, not just the newer version?

Question by deco1610: Could the original iPhone be classed as 3G technology, not just the newer version?
The current iPhone is called the iPhone 3g.. But the original iPhone must surely have been 3rd Generation technology too…. right?

Best answer:

Answer by aaron_atx_512
they call it iPhone 3G because it has an upgrade in it that makes the internet and the phone itself work faster then the original iPhone.

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