Apr 20

How can I switch between a Sprint Galaxy S III and an Iphone 5?

Question by Joshua: How can I switch between a Sprint Galaxy S III and an Iphone 5?
My mom is planning on moving to Sprint and I get to pick my phone, but I like both the Iphone 5 and the Galaxy S III. My mom plans to get the iphone and I plan the galaxy but is there any way we can trade sim cards so I can use the iphone for a while??? Please help!

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Answer by zbalat
The iPhone 5 has a SIM card (for use on GSM networks outside of the USA) and the Galaxy does not use a SIM card at all.

Sprint is a CDMA provider so SIM cards don’t do a thing on their network.

You can choose one or the other or buy both.

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Apr 30

iPhone app could help you switch to cheaper data plan

iPhone app could help you switch to cheaper data plan
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Aug 25

iPhone set to get an iKill switch

iPhone set to get an iKill switch
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