Apr 23

Speed up your iPhone 3G with iOS4

In this video, I tell you how you can easily and visibly speed up your iPhone 3G in a few simple steps. For those of you who don’t feel like watching me talk for five minutes, here are the instructions in text form: 1. Open up settings. 2. Choose General. 3. Choose Home Button. 4. Choose Spotlight Search. 5. Disable all of these options. Your iPhone 3G will now run faster than the iOS4 update regularly does. This is how it works: When Spotlight Search is on, you can use the screen to the left of the home screen to search for anything on your phone. Nobody really uses this function though, so this makes it easy for anyone to turn it off. What happens is that your iPhone 3G, running iOS4, indexes everything on your phone: contacts, videos, songs, apps, etc. When you disable these options, the iPhone no longer indexes these things in the background, which frees up a bit of the processor and everything else that makes your phone tick. If for some strange reason, you do use the Spotlight search, you can just disable the options that you do not use. On a totally unrelated note, the song that i play from my iPod is Aerodynamic Beats / Gabrielle, Forget About The World by Daft Punk from their album, Alive 2007, if you have never heard of them, (Your Loss) I suggest that you type in Daft Punk in the search bar up there. : ) If you have any other questions, comments or just regular feedback, post them down there in the comments.

Sep 12

Caring for the Elderly: iOS 4.1 Speed Boost on the iPhone 3G

Caring for the Elderly: iOS 4.1 Speed Boost on the iPhone 3G
iPhone 3G users have been unhappy, and rightfully so. When iOS 4.0 debuted, we talked about new features like multitasking for the iPhone 3GS and how much faster the camera application felt compared to iOS 3.1.3. iPhone 3G customers, however, gained little in terms of new features from the update except newfound slowness. Discontent has been growing, with a number of users pointing fingers at …
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News: T-Mobile capable iPhone rumor reemerges
According to comments made by an executive vice president of Canada’s Quebecor, which today launched a new mobile service through its Vidéotron brand, Apple is building an iPhone compatible with the 3G network operated by T-Mobile USA. Engadget Mobile reports that the exec said Apple is in the process of manufacturing an AWS-compliant iPhone, and to “expect an announcement in the coming months …
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Apple Game Center snubs iPhone 3G, first iPod Touch
The Game Center is open to most iOS-based devices, with the exception of the iPhone 3G and first-gen iPhones and iPods, Apple has revealed. Originally posted at The Digital Home
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