Aug 25

What is simple tutorial to unlock iPhone?

Question by Nitin D: What is simple tutorial to unlock iPhone?
I have bought an Apple iPhone recently and want to get it unlock, so that I can use T-mobile instead. I did google on how to unlock the iPhone but all tutorials and explanations are very complicated. They talk about different softwares to do so, different firmware version of iPhone, and so on. Is’nt there any simple way to unlock iPhone? Please share.

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Answer by gke71
The iPhone wasn’t designed to be “unlocked”. Can it be done? Yes – but definitely not easily ….

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Aug 25

How to Unlock your iPhone v2 (Very Simple Tutorial) Part 1

READ THIS FIRST! This is the original tried and tested tutorial. There are others who’ve created tutorials just to get hits but as you’ll see by the comments this WORKS! Now on version 2. I highlight how to activate your phone, youtube, wifi, and unlock your phone with TWO methods. WARNING: Following this tutorial is at your OWN RISK! Do NOT follow it if you are not confident. Brought to you by AMNESIA Shout outs to, iPhone Dev team, Nate Tru, CarlosV, DVD Jon, and Geohotz.
Video Rating: 4 / 5