Dec 07

Withings Wifi Body Scale

Withings Wifi Body Scale

  • Easy weight and fat mass monitoring on a private website secured by a password
  • Personnalized multi-user monitoring thanks to an automatic user recognition (up to 8 users)
  • Body analysis (fat mass, lean mass and bmi)
  • Free iphone application to monitor your weight and fat mass
  • Graduation 0.2 lbs (0.1 kg) – 4 sensors, maximum weight 396 lbs (180 kg)

The first WiFi scale connected to the internet to automatically register weight, fat and BMI calculation. With its extra-flat black-and-steel design, which makes it the ideal bathroom decoration, the Withings WiFi Body Scale is jam-packed with technology yet remaining simple to use. The Withings WiFi body scale analyzes your body composition and automatically stores your weight data online thanks to a wireless Wifi connection. You can monitor the long term evolution of your weight, your BMI (Bod

List Price: $ 159.00

Price: $ 149.99