Dec 29

JFK: Bio App Puts Camelot on Your iPhone

JFK: Bio App Puts Camelot on Your iPhone
On the 50th anniversary of his taking office, MultiEducator has debuted JFK Historymaker 1.0 . The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app contains 36 chapters, 250 high-res photographs, the full text of over 200 speeches, 60-plus pages of bio, and 35 video clips. Sponsor MultiEducator President Marc Schulman wrote the text, which is the culmination of 18 years of engagement with the topic, and the …
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Boy Scouts chief ends tour with Monterey visit
Pocketknife, compass, iPhone, GPS. Check. The Boy Scouts of America is still about knot-tying, campfires, wilderness lore and those eternal verities of truth — integrity and honor — envisioned by founder Lord Baden-Powell.
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TECHNOLOGY: At&T Installs WI-Fi to Make Up for Weak Coverage
AT&T has a New Year’s present for any customers planning on spending the evening in New York’s Times Square or San Francisco’s Embarcadero: Huge tracts of free Wi-Fi. Maybe that will make up for the company’s famously spotty 3G coverage in these busy urban areas. AT&T announced Tuesday that it planned to expand a “Wi-Fi hotzone” it created in Times Square in May of this year. The “hotzone” is an …
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Aug 25

Road Trip puts iPhone 4 and iPad to the test

Road Trip puts iPhone 4 and iPad to the test
Road Trip 2010: Each year, CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman gets the chance to test out Apple’s latest over several thousands of miles of driving. This year, that meant the iPhone 4, the iPad 3G, and the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro.
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First Looks: SwitchEasy Reptile for iPhone 4
Preserving the same name, price, and general features as the original version for iPhone 3G + 3GS, SwitchEasy’s new Reptile for iPhone 4 ($ 29) is a faux crocodile skin plastic case available in four colors. You start by inserting your iPhone 4 into a semi-soft plastic shell that snaps together with a harder plastic front bezel frame, collectively providing top and side button coverage with holes …
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Apple, Verizon Still Working Out iPhone Kinks, Says Analyst
As one analyst adds to the choir of Verizon iPhone predictions, a new theory is taking shape: Apple’s coveted smartphone could come to Sprint or T-Mobile first.
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