May 01

How to back up old stuff onto new iPhone 5?

Question by Aiza: How to back up old stuff onto new iPhone 5?
Just got an iPhone 5 for Christmas, and I need to transfer my old stuff from my old iPhone to my new phone. I already have my contacts cause the guy from the Verizon store did it for me but he said I need to transfer it myself from my computer.. I think I have an idea on how to back it up & stuff but I don’t wanna mess it up and lose everything haha. So if anyone who’s done this help step through step to transfer all my old stuff onto my new phone? Thanks a bunch!

Best answer:

Answer by Eric
Plug your old iPhone in and click on it when it pops up. Click the back up option. When it is finished, plug in your iPhone 5. Click the restore button and click restore from backup. Click the most recent one and bam.

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