Apr 09

How to remove firmware change logs on iphone 5?

Question by BornConfused: How to remove firmware change logs on iphone 5?
I want to jailbreak my iPhone 5, but I know that the warranty will be void if I do, but that is only if they see the firmware changes on the device. I know there is a program called iFile on Cydia that shows those changes, but not sure if I can change them. Does anyone have a way to jailbreak my phone but still keep the warranty? And incinerate any trace that Apple employees might find?

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Answer by Daniel
As of today, there is not yet a jail beak available for the iPhone 5. I know developers are working on a tethered jailbreak, but they say it will be a while before an untethered jailbreak is made. As far as jail breaking and keeping your warranty, I highly doubt that will happen. Apple has something call behavioral scan that works wonders with ios6. When they plug your phone into their machines, they run a full diagnostic on your phone. In essence they know everything from if your battery is working fine, are all the sensors functioning, what apps are crashing, if any super user access files have been tampered, and if its been jail broken. If you are adamant on jail breaking your i5 and having some kind of back up warranty, you should probably buy AppleCare for 0 or put monthly insurance on your phone. Even though AppleCare normally won’t cover it if its jail broken, you can always play the innocent victim to the great customer service reps at your local apple store. Good luck fellow i5 owner.

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