Jan 06

What kind of battery life are you getting from your iPhone 5?

Question by Robert: What kind of battery life are you getting from your iPhone 5?
I just picked up a white 16GB iPhone 5 with sprint last week(though im taking it back in the morning and exchanging it for a black 32GB). The battery life has been superb for me. It charges up really fast and it last way longer than the 4S. And sprint’s new LTE has been great in most of the chicago area, and it works inside buildings! What kind of battery life you’ve been getting from you ip5?

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Answer by Pierre
I have mixed thoughts on battery life. I have the iPhone 5 black 32GB on Verizon LTE. Some days the battery will last me the whole entire day without having to recharge until later at night when I go to sleep, other days I feel like the battery drains really quick. I’m in New Jersey and during the hurricane social media was the only way to communicate with family. I felt like the battery died pretty quick during that time period. When I would go to a charge station to charge my device, it did charge quickly with the lightning connector, that was definately a huge improvement in this model. Overal, I’m satisfied with this iPhone.

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