Mar 25

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Aug 19

Recommend: Video Download Pro – The #1 YouTube Downloader & Converter

Recommend: Video Download Pro – The #1 YouTube Downloader & Converter
Video Download Pro is probably the most comfortable YouTube downloader & converter you have ever run into. It allows you to Batch download and convert dozens of YouTube Videos to your Pc, Mac, iPod, Sony Psp, mobile phone and MP3 Player at a time.
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Jul 28

Do I need internet on the iPhone 4G to download the apps?

Question by DooDooRoo: Do I need internet on the iPhone 4G to download the apps?
I plan to unlock the iPhone 4G and use it since my phone company doesn’t support it. The thing is I don’t have an internet option with my current plan. Can I still download apps on the iPhone without having the internet?
Also, what are the drawbacks or limitations from unlocking iPhone instead of using it with regular service?

Best answer:

Answer by Liesle Bagus
there is no drawbacks of unlocking, it allow you use on any gsm carrier.
follow this trusted unlocker tool,
hope it helps.

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Jun 06

RT @Geohot_us: iOS 5 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Now Available [Developer Beta] – – #Apple #iOS5

RT @Geohot_us: iOS 5 Download for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Now Available [Developer Beta] – #iOS5by LegoWerd (FOAM)

May 26

iPad: Can the iPad update its OS without having a computer to download and interface for it?

Question by Fuzzy: iPad: Can the iPad update its OS without having a computer to download and interface for it?
I have the iTouch. When a new OS comes out, it is downloaded via the iTunes program and uploaded into the iTouch via the iTunes program. It does not to my knowledge have the ability to upgrade its own OS.

Is the iPad also dependent on a “mother” computer and iTunes on that computer to update its OS?

Best answer:

Answer by HondaMan
I have 2 iPhones and an iPod and have used iTunes for about 6 yrs now. You are only able to get software updates via syncing with iTunes. As far as I know it is only possible to update apps from the device itself- although you can also do that through iTunes, too. So to answer your question specifically… YES… you need iTunes for Mac or PC- they’re both free 🙂 Hope this helps!

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Apr 30

When will the 2 new iPhone features be ready to download?

Question by dcmattco: When will the 2 new iPhone features be ready to download?
When will the:

Wi-Fi iTunes store
Custom Rungtones

be ready to update to my iPhone?

Best answer:

Answer by Jake Cigar™
custom ringtones… are there now… you can hack/create free ringtones and add them to iTunes (without hacking the iPhone)

wi-fi iTunes store… will come when Apple releases it… a week or so.

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Oct 23

How To Download Unlimited Ebooks For iPad – Get Cheap Ebooks For Your iPad And Save More

How To Download Unlimited Ebooks For iPad – Get Cheap Ebooks For Your iPad And Save More

Getting unlimited Ebooks For iPad Ideas:

The Apple iPad is one of the most excellent electronic device’s to come out in quite some time. Many people have a hard time coming up with an argument against the iPad as the #1 digital entertainment devices today.

And of course the iPad’s bigger 9 inch screen make’s a huge divergence talking about reading your favorite novel’s and ebooks . And the actual iPad screen is amazing too. It is totally oil resistant and doesn’t involve as much cleaning as many of the other devices do. So downloading all your favorite ebooks for iPad should be fun and exciting. At the iPad ebook and media download site, we can actually download all the ebooks for ipad and media for iPad that we desire without having to pay for each and every download.

Download Ebooks For iPad | Downloading Cheap Ebooks For iPad

The main objective of this ebooks for iPad online portal is to provide you with clear and concise information and reviews for how you can sign up and begin downloading all your favorite ebooks for ipad and more instantaneously. Downloading ebooks for ipad and getting media to your iPad without worrying about paying tons of money really give somebody the use of itself to the fun and excitement of owning an iPad.

At this moment, the iPad seems to be the hottest gadget in the world, and as an Internet device, it has soared miles ahead of its competition. So, if reading ebooks for ipad is your thing, you can now enjoy reading all your favorites ebooks on your ipad by using your digital reading gadget. It goes without question that iPads are expensive, yet, the amazing features that come as part of the entire iPad package make it well worth the extra expense. If you are wise enough to take advantage of the iPads fantastic features, you’ll join an unlimited ebooks for iPad downloads membership site too.

While having the ability to watch interactive ebooks for iPad is great, its even better if your iPad’s ebooks downloads are cheap and getting ebooks for ipad will not burn your pocket. But please don’t trust everything on blind faith. That can get you into deep trouble. Remember to always be careful about your iPad. There are some iPad download sites out there that are pure scams.

If you want to protect your iPad from malicious viruses and spy ware then check out the and find out the best ideas to get your ebooks for ipad or even other media files for a cheap price and know more about the how to get cheap ebooks for iPad..




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The Mypadmedia ebooks for ipad download site is completely safe – unlike other download sites , sites that use file sharing, this site only offers a database that is full of completely safe files- files that have been downloaded by the actual staff- not random people that want to cause harm to us by sneaking adware / spyware and viruses into the file sharing databases.

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Oct 16

How To Download Streaming Videos On Mac

How To Download Streaming Videos On Mac

Downloading streaming videos on Mac is not easy. Most of the youtube downloaders doesn’t work with mac. If you are on a slow internet connection, then watching YouTube videos only to realize that doing so is going to be utterly useless. After all, they do not run very fast. What is worse, you do not have a dependable Internet connection. There are also times when you are itching to watch videos from American Idol, yet you cannot simply because you have to be traveling.

There is actually a very good option: you can get a downloader and download the video on your hard disk. However, most of the downloaders available in the World Wide Web work only in Windows operating system—you have a MAC. What should you do then to download any streaming video MAC?

You need to get this Streaming Video Downloader for mac. This software is simply amazing and will allow you to do download streaming videos automatically on mac.

1. Download the downloader from above link and install the software in your system. Make sure that you download the right version according to the Mac you are using, Intel or Power PC.

2. After downloading, run the installer. Follow some very basic and easy steps to get the installation done.

3. Open the installed program, If it is your first time to open it, you will be asked with your username and password. It is important that you’re running the MAC computer in administrator status. Otherwise, you cannot turn the Sniffer function on.

 4. The screen will also provide you with password verifications if you have not set any password yet, particularly if you are using higher versions of MAC. 

5. Make sure that the Sniffer function is on. You can see it at the left-hand side of the software, the one with radar. You will know the purpose of Sniffer later on.

6. Go to YouTube and click on the videos you wish to download into your PC.

7. The Sniffer function will automatically determine these videos and their URLs and begin the downloading process. You don’t have to copy and paste the addresses anymore.

The MAC streaming video downloader will also provide you very important information about the videos. For one, you will know the length as well as the sizes of the videos. You can also determine the downloading status, as well as where they are currently saved in your hard drive.

You can also click on Stop if you want to turn the Sniffer function off and prevent it from collecting any more videos. Moreover, you can delete the videos you no longer like to see and rename them for easier look-up.

What if you want to view the videos in devices such as Zune, iPod, or iPhone? These portable devices can actually play videos; however, they don’t work with those that are in FLV format. YouTube videos make use of that.

To settle the issue, you can go back to the software and click on Convert. You can then select the format you want, which, in this case, is MP4. All chosen videos will automatically be transformed into MP4 formats. It is extremely easy to download youtube videos on mac. Give this software a try and you’ll love it!

Here is Mac YouTube Downloader software for you. You can download streaming videos on Mac Os x/ Snow Leopard. Not only youtube, but you can record almost any streaming video on your Mac!