Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS

Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS

  • Compatible with Apple iPhone 4
  • Virtually invisible and “scratch-proof” cell phone screen protector
  • Made from the same film material used to shield helicopter blades
  • Smooth, non-sticky surface with patented layer of UV protection to prevent “yellowing”
  • Manufacturer Lifetime Replacements

This kit includes:

– Skinomi film
– Installation Squeegee
– Bottle of Application Solution
– Installation Instructions
– Lifetime Replacements Program

Skinomi TechSkin goes beyond traditional screen protectors, skins, covers, and cases. This cell phone protector is made from clear thermoplastic urethane film – the same film used to protect military aircrafts and NASA space shuttles. It has the ability to resist high levels of abrasion, making it the ultimate protector f

Rating: (out of 70 reviews)

Price: $ 12.99

5 thoughts on “Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS

  1. Review by irongal for Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS
    Reading reviews about these screen protectors always gets me overly paranoid, and I end up never knowing what to get. So, what the heck, I decided to give Skinomi a try, just because their website did a good job describing their product and Zagg has received way too many negative reviews (particularly about how the Zagg screen protector destroyed the feel of “smoothness” as fingers no longer “glided” over the iPhone).

    I’ve applied a number of screen protectors, both from the cheap and the expensive end. And my experience has been all pretty benign, suggesting applying a screen protector (ANY protector!!) doesn’t need to be such a stressful process!! Just work with it, and it all comes out peachy at the end.

    First, FOLLOW the instructions. (Clean off lint, dust, etc. and make sure not to introduce them to the screen protector’s sticky side!)

    The solution they provide is essentially water. So, if the pump that comes with the kit doesn’t work, or you used up all of it, just use water! Wet fingers and drizzle some onto the screen protector, and voila, your fingers won’t stick to the protector, nor will it leave behind annoying finger prints. Before applying it onto the device, drain off excess water so that they don’t get into the electronics.

    Wetting fingers and the screen protector is key. As long as both are wet, you can align the screen protector to perfection any way you want to.

    Again, FOLLOW the instructions about how to get rid of major bubbles. Have a napkin on hand to soak up excess liquid as you push the bubbles out.

    As claimed, the microbubbles that get left behind, they disappear with use. A majority of it is gone by the second day, and the stubborn ones go away with long-term use.

    Say after you have it aligned fairly well, and it’s dried. You noticed it aligned horribly. Carefully peel it off so that you DO NOT distort the screen protector. Wet fingers and the backing of the screen protector, and start the whole process over. Re-do if necessary, though I highly recommend don’t wait until after it’s dried. Do these major re-alignments while you’re still at the “wet” stage.

    Okay. Say you’re finally done with the major alignment, and it’s had a day to dry. You’re happy with it, but you wished you could shift, oh say, the hole over the camera to the right a millimeter or so. These minor “millimeter” adjustments can be easily done by just pushing it where you want it to go. Obviously, there’s no need to be rough. Just gently work it, and you can minutely adjust the position of the screen protector to your desired place.

    Lastly, I’m not sure why a number of people have commented on how the screen protector distorted the image. Maybe I’m blind, but I can’t tell the difference. Obviously, you can tell there is a screen protector. But distorted images? My eyes couldn’t tell. My best guess is during the application step, finger prints/dust/lint got left behind, and/or some of these reviewers have not given the day or two needed for the microbubbles to clear out. When it has not fully dried, the image does come up fuzzy (due to the microbubbles and the liquid that has yet to dry). But if you’ve applied the screen protector according to the instructions AND made sure to clear out excess liquid AND had the patience to let it dry, then it is great at what it is suppose to do!

  2. Review by G Hill for Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS
    I purchased this item to use in conjunction with the apple bumper. When I purchased it I only intended to use the back piece as a way of preventing scratches, and I planned on leaving the front untouched so as not to mess with the screen’s look (I used one previously and hated it). However, after the back piece went on perfectly and I let it sit for 12 hours I realized how good this product is. I had no streaks or bubbles of any kind. Thus I put the front piece on and I’m truly happy I bought this.

    As others have said, the trick is making sure you use the liquid. Do not go overboard and soak the film and phone, but definitely use a little more than you think you might need and you should have no problems.

  3. Review by Robert Vachalek for Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS
    I had an original iPhone and 3GS before I got the 4. The original never scratched but the 3GS seemed more sensitive and I ended up with a number of fine scratches on the screen despite the same care in handling. Therefore I don’t want to take chances with my 4.

    I’ve installed similar but cheaper skins on other devices such as old Palms and the Nintendo DS. The Skinomi application process was a little different in that you put it on wet. I think it’s an improvement but it’s still fiddly and hard to notice minor imperfections until it’s too dry to really fix. It still came out OK if I don’t want to be a perfectionist, but part of the iPhone 4’s appeal is its beauty and so this is annoying. It’s also annoying that their stated “lifetime replacement” policy doesn’t apply to installation problems so take care.

    The surface of the skin is a little rubbery to the touch. I have an internal debate over whether I like it or not but I think “like” is winning. I’d recommend the full body cover for more than just scratch resistance: (1) it makes the whole thing easier to grip and (2) for me at least, it eliminates the famous signal attenuation problem. It seems slightly less likely to get oily smudges from fingerprints but given how bad any iDevice looks when it’s turned off, this isn’t saying much. On the downside it seems to grab dust slightly more easily than the bare glass, but once again it’s not a big deal.

    But to get down to the real purpose here, it does seem to be very tough. I can’t imagine anything really that could accidentally scratch the screen through this. It’s fairly easy to make minor marks however; I can draw lines all over it with my fingernail quite easily. Then again they do seem to “self heal” over time as advertised. It will take more time to determine just how complete that healing can be but my impression is that it will take a considerable amount of time if it ever happens. Unfortunately I think anything that comes between you and the 4’s screen will reduce some of that beautiful clarity, but the marks are not immediately obvious when the device is turned on.

    All in all, I think this provides great protection that preserves much of the iPhone 4’s natural good looks, but still intrudes enough on the experience to feel like a worthwhile but unfortunate “cost” of protecting the device.

  4. Review by JC Karlo for Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS
    After reading positive reviews, I decided to give this protector a shot. I managed to install it with no dust or lint, but there’s no satisfaction to be had afterwards. I have uploaded pictures to show what I’m talking about below.

    First of all the cutout size is smaller than the glass, which could be understandable to avoid dust collecting on the edges. But the main problem is that the cutouts for the home button and speaker do not center on them. Right now the cutout for the speaker/front camera sits lower than it should be, while the cutout for the home button sits higher than it should…a necessary compromise since aligning one of them would misalign the other.

    Secondly, the “orange peel” effect is VERY apparent, regardless if I’m looking straight down on it at arms length, or if I’m looking at it at an angle. The surface also has that sort of “sticky” feeling, which doesn’t allow my thumb to easily glide over the screen unlike the phone’s glass surface itself. Even more, it’s more prone to fingerprints than the glass. It also makes your iPhone tend to stick to flat surfaces, especially glass. I could actually place the phone against the screen of my iMac, and after about 5 seconds without force, the phone would be stuck on the iMac’s screen…the bond is so strong that I can press the volume and sleep button while it’s stuck on there.

    The worst part is what Skinomi claims is not a problem with their product and that is the rainbow effect. There are fine vertical lines going across the length of the screen protector that is too obvious and distracting. Having no rainbow effect is probably the most important thing to look for in screen protectors, especially for a display like the iPhone 4’s Retina.

    The good thing is that it doesn’t scratch, and any scratch marks it picks up would disappear in a minute or so. But there are way to many drawbacks that outweigh it…sure it protects the screen, but it also takes the quality away from it.

    I would highly recommend Power Support’s screen protectors.

  5. Review by Joel for Skinomi TechSkin – Invisible Skin Protector Shield Full Body for Apple iPhone 4 + LIFETIME REPLACEMENTS
    I applied this protector exactly how the instructions stated and let the phone sit for 24 hours. Some bubbles were present, but they eventually went away. However, after a few days I started getting more bubbles that would not go away. The matter has only gotten worse as the film itself is now peeling away; especially if I place it in my pocket. The film on the sides of the phone are hanging in there, but the tips have flaked from day one.

    I am not sure if a better screen protector exists, as this is the first one I have tried. However, it has not been a good experience from me. The back of my phone looks like crap now and the front has a small bubble in the middle that is now going away.

    Add to this Skinomi’s customer service. If you call the phone number, the voice mailbox is full. I e-mailed them regarding a different screen protector I returned, and the charge was refunded; but an e-mail confirmation would have been nice. I even sent a follow-up e-mail asking for an update, with no return.

    It looks like other people have had no issues, so I might just have gotten a bad one. However, the customer service side of things is concerning enough.

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