7 thoughts on “iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test

  1. I’ve always loved the Samsung Galaxy’s better than the iPhones, and I was
    at RadioShack and there was a 7 year old kid getting a case for his iPhone
    5, talk about spoiled 

  2. Seriously what do some people do with their life. Some people could only
    dream of affording stuff like this and there’s other people doing fucking
    “Toilet Tests” on them…

  3. everyone just thinks about how the resolution is or how much memory the
    phones has not about the durability. what happened to the old nokia
    indestructibility. all phones should of adopted it. only kyocera seems to
    care about that

  4. A galaxy is better bigger screen u can beam music u can do split screen it
    can be a remote and u can donload more games the charger is longer and this
    video prooved more of why a galaxy is better than a I phone the onlything
    that bugs me about my phone is the camera it ver dull and blurry

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