New iPad Review (HD)

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25 thoughts on “New iPad Review (HD)

  1. Sorry, I don’t think I clearly explained what I meant in the video. I didn’t mean it was the iPad’s fault that games weren’t optimized. What I tried to convey is that un-updated apps are a problem, and regardless of who’s fault it is, they look ugly, and detract from the overall experience of the new iPad. Thanks for watching!

  2. I know the video is from a while ago, but I still want to mention something about the games that bothered me a little. It’s not the iPad’s fault that the games don’t look better right away. The games would have to be updated for retina resolutions for a change to be noticeable. Think of how normal iPhone games look on the 4+ models next to the updated retina versions. The screen won’t create new resolution images by itself, it blows them up twice.

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  4. Some games have to sacrifice graphics a bit to run at native resolution, so quite often, there is a compromise. And the latest Infinity Blade doesn’t even run at the native resolution, it runs on something in between iPad 2 and 3.

  5. i would like to add, if you are getting into the tablet market. and have an extra hundred. go with the iPad 3. i am someone who doesn’t care at all about games and just want a great user experience using a tablet and the 3rd gen offers that, noted before the text and image are displayed much sharper and very much adds to my overall enjoyment of just simply using the iPad. curious of which to choose? just get the iPad 3 and enjoy what you pay for… more.

  6. That’s the point of my review. All of these hardware upgrades are merely just powering the retina display. The improved GPU isn’t for game performance, it’s to keep up with the extra pixels the retina display has. While text and photos do look sharper, video games are not going to have any noticeable differences.

  7. Alright. You just completely confused me. So… the games don’t run faster or look any better? -_- Isn’t that the whole point of the retina display?!

  8. Relisten to what I said. I never claimed the GPU was going to make the games run faster, I said that games that were updated for the new GPU (games that do support multithread) did not LOOK any better than their past counterparts. A GPU should change the graphical performance on games, but in this case it didn’t because the Retina display balanced it out.

  9. Alright. You apparently do not know a thing or too about iOS app development… So, basically why it seems that the new GPU did not change the speed of gameplay is because the game needs to be recoded to support multi-threading for the new GPU.

  10. @LogicallyHank Hank, it is Tim, if you remember me. This review was phenomenal, in depth, and you had very nice shots. I am overall highly impressed and I think the same way about the New iPad unless you are someone who needs the latest and greatest. Keep up the good work and you just gained an extra subscriber. Peace.

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