25 thoughts on “Samsung Infuse 4G vs Apple iPhone 4 “AT&T Face Off”

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  2. @vladG30 that’s very interesting how you point that out. i don’t think many would take notice it but i too am aware of the radiation that’s going around on cellphones. it’s really a scary thing. thanks for pointing that out again!

  3. Just got the Infuse the other day and I LOVE it!! I was gonna get a iPhone but after seeing the Infuse that all changed!

  4. I had an iPhone. I bought the Infuse a month ago and I am sooo much happier with it!! I actually have people asking me what kind of phone I own

  5. swapped my iphone 4 for the infuse. had my tech friend root it for me. and WOW this thing is amazing. the androids have opened my eyes. i thought the iphones were the BEST out there! not even close…

  6. Infuse 4G rocks. It also has 5 times lower radiation output than iphone. Second only to samsung blue earth, but that isn’t smartphone. So Infuse is the lowest radiation smartphone out there!

  7. Go to google put infuse 4g vs iphone 4 u will see iphone 4 nd infuse tie infuse beats htc inspire nd lg thrill i love my samsung infuse shitt hhahha

  8. I have both the iPhone 4 and the infuse, the infuse kicks its ass in EVERY field other than *SLOWNESS* and shitty software…*cough* apple sucks.

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