25 thoughts on “iPhone Development Tutorial – 8 – Adding Images and Text Fields

  1. thanks so much! You’ve helped me complete my first iPad project and probably saved my job. Without your tutorials, i wouldn’t have completed it in time. Thank you!

  2. referencesisis.., referencesisis, … referencesiss, references, lololol llllmmmmaaaaaoooo!!!!!!!

    c’mon dude, enough with the references 😉

  3. my outlets aren’t showing up when i control drag. And all my code is exactly the same as yours. What did i do wrong?

  4. Bucky thanks for these tutorials. I think this was your funniest one yet.

    References, references, references, references, references !!!!

  5. @thenewboston before you never zoomed in or out, you just kept everything in the exact same place…and you did things off screen.

  6. nevermind, i was able to enter a placeholder, but only after i connected the outlets from the codes to the text fields

  7. it won’t allow me to type in the placeholder field. I’ve typed the codes right and selected the top text field before trying to type the placeholder text. what could be wrong??

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