iPhone Smart Case from Waterfield Designs (Review)

The iPhone Smart Case is a carry pouch for the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPhone 4. It is essentially a slip case that will accommodate an iPhone for secure protection while in transit. Waterfield has a few options for both a naked iPhone and an iPhone in a slim case. Specifically, Waterfield made the larger cases able to fit with an Apple Bumper, but it looks like most slim third-party cases will also fit. Other options include a flap for attaching to a backpack should strap or a clip for belts or bags. The Smart Case also features an external pocket for storing cards, or accessories like earbuds. The Smart Case is available in Black, Copper, Flame, Green, Pearl and Pine for or , depending on configuration.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “iPhone Smart Case from Waterfield Designs (Review)

  1. How the he’ll is this a “smart case.” it doesn’t do jack shit from a pouch and looks like it was purchased at a flea market.

  2. I gotta say Mike, I am really NOT a fan of this case, although I never really saw a need for a pouch style case anyway. Thanks for reviewing EVERY case ever made, LOL

  3. @Heartnet1108 I don’t know. It depends how it’s used. If you’re holding it, probably, but if you’re using a clip probably not.

  4. Hi Mike,Great review,This kind of Case/Pouch kind of reminds me of the very first product i bought for my iPhone3g some time ago,at the time it looked well cool,and now to see another company bringing out and identical kind of product seam’s a little weird,The idea of protecting to the max is good for those moment’s where say your going rock climbing,adventure sport’s,Camping and such,so for everyday use nope not for me,as for doing all of the above,hell yeh i want protection for sure,Thank’s

  5. Hey! Great Review as always! Are you going to buy the new iPod Touch 4G, and if so, will you be reviewing cases for it? 🙂

  6. can u feel any vibration when u’re in silent mode with pouch on? That is my only concern because I normally put my phone on silent when I am doing work in uni.

  7. Looks like a case for a pair of eyeglasses. If I’m using it I don’t leave the 30-pin connector on the outside as that defeats the purpose of a case, i.e. leaves the port exposed to dust and other elements. Nice review.

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