25 thoughts on “Eye Scope iPhone Telephoto Lens Review

  1. i got a thumbs up product a few weeks ago. it’s an emergency charger and came with a blue battery pack and a bunch of connectors for different phones and apple tech, i used it once, battery died half way through a charge, went to use it a second time and it ceased to work at all =/ bottom line, dont use thumbs up products.

  2. Finally, I was wondering if I was still subscribed to you… I haven’t seen vids since the Royal Tat video…

  3. Check out this new product. Its called the SMARTDOORJAMB. It will protect your front door from being kicked open WHEN YOUR HOME OR AWAY..

  4. Do you have iPhone app idea? You can make your own iPhone app with a software called AppWizard in less than 30 minutes

  5. The great return of ashens!!!!!! 🙂 im so glad to see you back and hopefully with some more popstations and transformer rip offs :)))

  6. @alchemyx He didn’t buy it; someone gave it to him for review. And he did review it, so go ahead and and watch it before he takes his Walther p99 out of his book to remove you from existence – since you are removing his subscribers.

  7. @DeanoTheLegend87
    Seeing as he makes money from these videos the copyright claims are completely valid and he could get in legitimate trouble… What would you prefer him do?

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