25 thoughts on “iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 3G Speed Test

  1. @joeneylonable Actually I think the memory size does have a bit to do with the speed of the device. My friend has an ipod same gen as mine with only 8GB of memory, upon updating to IOS4 his device was significantly slower, mine however being a 64GB model had no performance issues at all. Just thought I would throw that out there.

  2. @icecoolcola96 i am. I posted that so, i can have some kind of evidence to my mom that the iphone 4 is way better… but @phonedog hasn’t answered yet.

  3. @was0me
    it has nothing to do how much Gb’s u have dude!
    The 3Gs has a better processor so it faster thats all of it.
    For example : u could compaign a 3Gs 8 gb against a 3G 16 Gb and the 3Gs would be faster at all!!!

  4. @was0me lol,read the description stupid it´s a speed test not a memory test :):):):):):):) and its not a 32G its 32GS failllllll bro

  5. @grifallstar
    You can tell if it is the 3g by looking at the back of the phone and on the bottom if the writting is grey its the 3g and if its chrome its the 3gs

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