What is the iphone SDK comparable to?

Question by Aspidochelone: What is the iphone SDK comparable to?
I am planning on buying a mac for the sole purpose of developing iphone applications and I was wondering what the SDK was comparable to, for example is it like Adobe Flash or Microsoft Visual Studio?

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Answer by mac_fixit
Although I have never used either but have followed the development of the iPhone SDK I would say it is closer to the capabilities of MS Visual Studio but easier and faster to use and has far more potential especially where the implementation of OpenCL and GL frameworks are concerned for gaming and processor use.

You only have to check out some of the 10,000+ apps in the iPhone apps store to see what possiblities there are for the iPhone and iPod touch, all of which have come from the SDK.

If you already have programing experience you should find it a relatively smooth transition compared to someone starting from scratch, just remember to “think different” – (like don’t think like a Windows user) when you get started.

There are heaps of tutorials with the SDK and quite a bit of stuff on Youtube and i am pretty sure that there are more than a few tutorial books lined up. You can also check out the MacRumors.com/iPhone developers forums too.

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