Feb 05

What’s the difference between the iphone 4s and the iphone 5?

Question by Katy: What’s the difference between the iphone 4s and the iphone 5?
Would it be worth it to spend the extra money on the iphone 5? Or should I just get the iphone 4s because it is pretty sweet and if they’re not that different then I don’t want to waste my money.

Best answer:

Answer by Haris
I wouldn’t spend on any of them. People say that Apple and Samsung are using each others materials.

Get an Android cause its way batter and have alot more to offer.

I would suggest the xperia series by sony
If not then definitely the latest HTC

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Jan 29

Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case – Black. Designed for The New iPhone 5. Updated Lightning Port Cutout

Photive Hybrid iPhone 5 Bumper Case – Black. Designed for The New iPhone 5. Updated Lightning Port Cutout

  • We Have Updated The Lightning Port Cut Out. Designed for Apple iPhone 5. Guaranteed Perfect fit
  • UV coated hard polycarbonate frame with Flexible TPU border to protect your New iPhone 5. Adds minimal bulk to the phone
  • Precise cutouts for the New iPhone 5 8 Pin Connector, and Headphone Jack, Volume and Speaker
  • Slim-design hard plastic bumper frame wraps around the edge of the phone providing bump and shock protection
  • Protects against many drops while leaving your iPhones beauty undisguised. Doesn’t scratch or scuff the metal band of the phone

  Apple iPhone 5 Bumper Case by Photive –  Black Its finally here. The New Iphone 5 Protective Bumper case by Photive. This is the latest case case designed for the New Apple iPhone 5. This super slim and lightweight design keeps your iPhone safe and sound. Protect against many drops while leaving your iPhone’s beauty undisguised. Apple iPhone 5 Bumper, made of co-molded rubber and plastic, fits snugly around the edges of your iPhone and gives it protection.  Be careful from imitation Iphon

List Price: $ 29.95

Price: $ 9.95

Jan 25

iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S

In this video we compare the new iPhone 5 with the iPhone 4S. The iPhone 5 has the new A6 dual-core 1GHz Apple CPU with 1GB of RAM, while the iPhone 4S has an A5 dual-core 800MHz Apple CPU. The display on the iPhone 5 is 1136×640 while it’s 960×640 on the iPhone 4S. The battery is also a bit larger on the iPhone 5, very much needed for the larger screen and inclusion of the LTE radio. We compare the devices on hardware, specs, web browsing speed, app updating speed, gaming, and more.

Jan 21

iPhone 5 High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector (3-Pack)

iPhone 5 High Definition (HD) Clear Screen Protector (3-Pack)

  • High Definition Transparency Film that ensures maximum resolution for RETINA Display
  • TruTouch Sensitivity for a natural feel and allows flawless touch screen accuracy
  • Protects your RETINA Display from unwanted scratches, repels dust and will reduce signs of daily wear
  • Made from the highest quality Japanese PET Film with 100% Bubble Free Adhesives for easy installation and no residue when removed
  • Tech Armor Lifetime Replacement Warranty. We want you 100% Satisfied with your Tech Armor Purchase!

Tech Armor’s HD Clear Screen Protectors provide the highest transparency for your Retina Display while still delivering scratch resistant protection for your iPhone 5. Designed with Apple’s Retina display in mind, you will not compromise image quality. Tech Armor also offers our patented TruTouch material that will not interfere with the responsiveness of your touch screen display. Compatibility:

Apple iPhone 5 Also Available: Antiglare/Antifingerprint: Amazon Part: B008THTK52 4 Wa

List Price: $ 19.99

Price: $ 3.95

Jan 17

iPhone 5

iPhone 5
Iphone 5
Image by Gary Huston
iPhone 5 wearing a Griffin Survivor Military Standard Case.
Feels a bit like a brick, but boy does it feel protected!
This also comes with a sturdy belt clip which I haven’t fitted.
All the ports are well covered and I think I’m going to like it!

Jan 06

What kind of battery life are you getting from your iPhone 5?

Question by Robert: What kind of battery life are you getting from your iPhone 5?
I just picked up a white 16GB iPhone 5 with sprint last week(though im taking it back in the morning and exchanging it for a black 32GB). The battery life has been superb for me. It charges up really fast and it last way longer than the 4S. And sprint’s new LTE has been great in most of the chicago area, and it works inside buildings! What kind of battery life you’ve been getting from you ip5?

Best answer:

Answer by Pierre
I have mixed thoughts on battery life. I have the iPhone 5 black 32GB on Verizon LTE. Some days the battery will last me the whole entire day without having to recharge until later at night when I go to sleep, other days I feel like the battery drains really quick. I’m in New Jersey and during the hurricane social media was the only way to communicate with family. I felt like the battery died pretty quick during that time period. When I would go to a charge station to charge my device, it did charge quickly with the lightning connector, that was definately a huge improvement in this model. Overal, I’m satisfied with this iPhone.

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